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Brook is a leader in bringing skills and talent to the telecom industry. Our team provides end to end support for projects spanning different industry segments.

Nationwide Consultancy Company

Brook is a nationwide consultancy company specializing in the niche markets of Telecommunications, Information Technology, Finance, Marketing, Business Management, Healthcare, and Software Development.

Our scope of services is tailored to match our clients’ needs. As a leader in the Consulting Service area we are constantly adapting to change. In a very short period, we have become one of the most in-demand engineering and scientific consulting companies in the USA and Canada, providing short-term and long-term solutions. 

With our highly trained and experienced workforce, we are perfectly placed to provide solutions in a timely, efficient and professional manner.

Brook Recruitment

Recruitment Sectors

Brook has worked within the Telecommunications industry since 1998 and has executive leadership experience averaging 30 years in the industry covering consulting services. Based on industry requirements and ongoing clients’ needs, we have developed a unique set of services tailored to meet these needs. Our deep wireless industry experience and extensive resources enable solutions that maximize cost-effectiveness, without sacrificing quality, safety, or service.

Brook is a leader in providing highly skilled candidates to the telecom industry. Our team consistently provides qualified, experienced resources for end to end support for projects spanning different industry segments


Brook has developed the necessary infrastructure and expertise to supply our clients with the expertise that they require in the finance sector. Our global reach means that we can acquire the necessary talent to fit these needs

Software Development

As the IT market evolves rapidly, companies are adopting innovative staffing models, Brook is at the forefront of this evolution, providing outstanding software development talent to its clients.

Business Management

Brook’s 20+ years in business has lead it to become a leader in supporting its clients in finding talent to manage their business needs. Our expertise across many different sectors means we have access to a diverse pool of management talent.


Brook can supply creative, digital, marketing, advertising and public relations talent, we offer a wide range of ways to hire suit our clients needs.

Information Technology

Brook specializes in providing highly skilled consultants for our clients with unique IT experience. We can fill niche solution offerings through our dedicated teams. We have access to an extensive network of highly qualified and driven engineers. We can support systems, current and emerging technologies, including: Agile Project Management, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Cybersecurity, Data Science, DevOps, Full Stack/Java/JavaScript Developers, Machine Learning and Scrum Masters.

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